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A program to create deep Confidence within YOU - Inside & Out!


While others are still ‘stuck’ in their past, spend your time

Here, in the Present with us

and discover the freedom of

Who You Are



We use practical, purpose driven and value targeted actions

that help you create the healthy, happy, self confident

body, mind & soul you know is there

and bursting to shine through!




What would a life like that look like?

Freedom that you can walk your TRUE walk and feel authentic. No imposter dressing you in the morning…    anymore!

The Ability to understand how liberating it feels to wear your ‘true’ suit everyday – shedding that ‘suit of armour’ that kept you safe!

That you can have Conviction in knowing that what you have to offer is listened to, wanted and valued!

That you can have the Confidence to walk into any room without hesitation – even a group of strangers with your head held high!

That you have a Clear Vision for your life and you no longer make excuses why you are not achieving!


If you’re nodding your head when you read one, two, or all of these statements above, you’re in the right place!



In a moment, I’m going to share with you how you may ‘actually’ be thinking on a daily basis, BUT, let’s hang here for a little while longer exploring what your purpose created life CAN look like!

  • You can finally feel clear, intentional and understand that you have ALWAYS fit in!

  • You have the ability to look in the mirror and SEE awesome greatness shining through!

  • You have the DESIRE to make better, life sustaining healthy choices in all areas of your life!

  • You know that your past is NOT a life sentence! Read that again… You create your future and everything in it!

  • You no longer just ‘buy’ something to fill the void, you now know the difference to ‘buy’ an EXPERIENCE that is new, discovering & fulfilling that lasts a lifetime!

  • That being in true ALIGNMENT with yourself and knowing how to identify that, is the ‘key’ to a life full of limitless possibility and JOY!




 …And if you still aren't all revved up by

how your true life can look like, what you WILL learn from us,

can also help you find those healthy relationships

that will offer exactly what you want and desire.

No longer feel sad or frustrated with your relationship life,

work life, friends or family.

Gain clarity of what you need to do to achieve success in

ALL of your relationships!











But before that, We have to tell you the truth…


This journey is for the person who is TRULY tired of hiding in the corners!

It’s for the person who identifies with low self esteem, confidence issues or may have been bullied as a child or even worse, now as an adult.

It’s for the person who is tired of the crap

and knows in their heart that NOW is the time

 – the time to give yourself an incredible gift –

the gift that will have you saying;



  •  The weight that has lifted to live my life authentically is mountain moving!

  •  Being able to wear my ‘true suit’ everyday is liberating!

  •  I no longer get caught up in the drama – I look for the all the positives   and solutions only!

  •  My personal relationships are flourishing….better than I could ever have     imagined!

  • My business and professional life is in a steady, positive flow – this is AMAZING!



If you’d like to experience life like this, then come and join us!

We would love to meet you!




Now, let’s imagine what would happen if you allowed everything to stay exactly how it is now:


  1. Nothing changes.

  2. You continue to let others influence you as to what is best for your life. You are rolling  in  the ‘okay, sure, fine’ mode of life.

  3. You continue to make it everyone else’s problem for the circumstances of your life

  4. You allow your past to dictate your future. You’ve accepted that the past IS your life sentence.

  5. Your relationships on all levels are unfulfilling.

  6. Maybe you choose to not engage at all…?

  7. That wall?…it stays. It may grow taller, it may grow thicker…it is totally up to you!



These are just some examples of what may be going on in your life.

I don’t want to push the pain points too much...

 life is not meant to be painful.

This is not a joke – we only get one shot at this game.

This is happening to many people out there.

We can help you bring the positive, wonderful and loving person you REALLY are back into your life.


Who Are We Anyway, And Why Should You Listen To Us?


















Heather E. Lennie is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Certified OOLA Life Coach and Confidence Coach.  Specializing in relationships – the one with YOURSELF!

Heather is the 'in house' coach for the Life Nest Surrogacy Agency and is also a Certified Facilitator of The Blueprint For Success Workshop.


With her 25 years of experience as a mentor and coach to teens and adults, she has coached many to finally drop the shield that protects them to finally see their true self and really start living!  

Heather is also the founder and president of OLA Children's Project, a Canadian charity servicing children in the Dominican Republic.  Her true purpose and passion to help others see their 'true selves' and create the best life possible is real.  She is here for you!



Jennifer McCready, owner, founder and photographer for Lady Luck Photography Studio in beautiful Ridgeway, Ontario.  Since 2011, her mission has been to use her studio, and her passion for photography, to help EVERYBODY -  no matter what age, size or shape - feel amazing about themselves! 


With a variety of options, including pinup, boudoir, glamour and most recently a special focus on mental health awareness, as well as her emphasis on self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence, Jennifer has helped hundreds of women and men feel like a superstar for the day - and every day after!


While working with us you will receive....


* 8 weeks of fun, enlightening coaching yet, intensive and mind blowing. A $720 value.

  • Week 1 you will meet Jenn and Heather personally in the Ladyluck studio.  Here a lot of magic happens and you will also have your first photo shoot!​

  • Weeks 2 through 7 you will be coached by Heather.

  • The focus of the coaching will allow you to regain confidence in your 'true self', have you find your true 'purpose', develop that into 'passion' everyday and add 'value' to your life that you may not have seen or knew existed.

  • You will learn simple, yet effective techniques to help you shift your 'doubt' to 'okay I've got this'.

  • Beginner meditation techniques to help you start retraining your inner dialogue (or as we say retraining the 'brain') to live a more positive and confident daily life.

  • True guidance and understanding with what a healthy 'mindset' and 'mindfulness' truly means and how to apply it daily for the changes you crave in your life.

  • Oodles of other resources that you can use to continue your journey to achieving your full confidence.

  • Week 8 you are back in studio for your second photo shoot day.  You will also schedule your 1:1 private session with Heather.     

* A deep dive into the Blueprint For Success 1 day workshop valued at $349.

* Small group coaching of 6 participants, complete with workbooks, pens and all content             needed.

* Two separate professional photo shoot days where you will have: 2 wardrobe changes, 1 set     design choice, before and after pictures and 8 high resolution photos for you to keep as your     own. Value of $1200.

* Exclusive private Facebook group page while we are all learning and growing together.

* One year free membership to ALIGNED NATION ‘members only’ Facebook page.



OF $1200!!


That’s a $1000+ dollar savings!

Be the first in the room to receive this price!

Discounted offer expires on Monday September 13th, 2021 @ midnight…

  • Feel grounded and more at peace with your authentic self.

  • No longer feel lost and living your life without clear direction and Purpose. You’ll eliminate your insecurities, and your Confidence will be soaring!

  • There are no guarantees in life. Jennifer and Heather can guarantee, however, that they will show up, each and every time, with YOUR best interest and intentions in mind always.

  • Excellent quality and service is what we value. We are here authentically. You will never feel alone or misunderstood again – that we can promise!

  • This $3.30 cents a day offer is FOR YOU! You spend more than that in a day on the STUFF for the outside version of you…at Starbucks or Tim Horton's at $5.50/avg visit, on the 8th lipstick $25, 20th pair of shoes $80 to $300 on the average…





As a BONUS…until midnight of Monday October 18th, 2021…


We’ll give you an unlimited membership to

Our Members Only FB page




That’s $29/month or $348/year!

Do not ‘play safe’ any longer…

Grab your Purpose and Aligned Life


What the heck!  We'll even offer you a 1:1 private 

1 hour coaching session with Heather 

to keep you focused and on target!

h.e.l.YA! baby!

$120 value




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