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Rachel Shemuel

Executive Trainer

"Heather has a passion for my personal success unlike anyone I have ever met or spoken to.  Her coaching has been extremely transformative for me and I am forever grateful.  Heather makes me feel at ease and has this amazing ability to get me to think outside of the box in order to see my life through a different lens. This has not only been extremely helpful but truly gratifying when I have implemented specific changes into my life.  She helps guide me through my thoughts and allows me to think out loud without judgement or imposing of her own ideas or beliefs.  She has the ability to see the light when I cannot and works with me to navigate through the darkness.  My continued success in life is because of her support and guidance".

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LM Harney


It was a great pleasure to spend time with Heather . We know that nothing happens by accident.  It was after the death of my grandmother that I felt a strong sense of stirring inside.  I came across Heather through a friend.  Heather was able to inspire me and to help clarify what I knew for myself was the next step in my life.  It was an instant connection and I felt very much a sense of calm and peace during the time spent with Heather.  What a blessing she has been to me.  She definitely has a passion for helping others.  Try a session for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!


Julie Joseph

The LIFE Nest

I have been given the privilege of working with Heather several times in my life.  I am blessed to have her as my Life Coach right now. Our sessions together have truly changed my life.  No matter what the need is, she always finds a way to help me see what the true issue is.  She gives me great tools that I get to use to help overcome obstacles.  My favourite thing to do during our Power Hour is to have her guide me through a visualization of my future self!  Thank you Heather for your passion, your dedication and for seeing me for who I truly am.. the best version of myself!


Haley Watman

Recreational Director

 I am so thankful and appreciative of our coaching sessions together. Having Heather as my coach was truly life changing. She has an amazing ability to help others and knows how to help a person see their best self. She has a very person centred perspective that is focused on the individual as a whole. She made me feel heard, acknowledged, and understood. She truly works to empower others and helped me to see my inner potential. After struggling with uncertainty about my future, career and self doubt, Heather gave me the tools and resources that guided me to feel confident to make important life changes. Her positivity and passion for life is evident in her coaching sessions. She helped me to think positively and change my inner dialogue for the better. I thank Heather so much for not only giving me a safe space to work through life events, thoughts and emotions, but for empowering me to apply for my masters degree, and helping me to see and believe in my strengths and abilities. 

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