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What I Do...


By understanding the Law of Attraction, the most powerful law in the Universe and really knowing that 'That which is like unto itself is drawn', we work together to create the life you were born to have!

What that really means is that whatever you think about and think about often, you are bound to receive. If you are someone who has a hard time thinking past this time space reality, perhaps believe in only that which you can see, that is of course, perfectly fine.  How we work together is based on your perception of reality.  I will just help you to see more and receive more of what you truly would like and desire!

I specialize in working with women and men who have hit the 40 mark and over!  If you're a successful business person, an entrepreneur, mom, dad, hourly worker, construction worker, home owner, renter or still wandering...we move forward by creating and maintaining a deep, healthy relationship with yourself first.  You are so much more than you think you are.  Once we get clearer on Who You Are, all areas of your life are inspired, happy, healthy and JOYFUL!  Knowing who you are and how you show up is key!

By using processes and techniques I guide you to discover why you may be so awesome and successful in one area of your life, but, can so easily disappoint or neglect another.  Which, may result in an unbalanced life and a cause for feeling overwhelm, loneliness, anger, unfulfillment, lack of motivation or perhaps just Blah!

I want to be clear and state that coaching is not therapy.  We work together for you to find your own solutions.  I am not consulting you, telling you or pushing you in any way.  Working with me is like talking to your best mate or girlfriend....the only difference is that I know how to get the changes you want - your best friend just may not give you all that you need!

So, how can you join me in creating this incredible life balance?  I offer 'one on one' sessions, group coaching sessions (only 5 ppl per group, online or in person), within my Find Your W.A.Y. - Who Are You workshop or by inviting me to facilitate within your company or specific group.  

Join me anytime for your first 'one on one' 40 minute free session.  A great way to meet me and see what coaching is all about!

I AM your source for truly realizing Who You Really Are - you are so much more than what you DO in life!

If you would like to claim your FREE 40 minutes with me, connect with the 'Freebie' header at the top.  If you think you'd like to dive in, please hit the 'Let's Go' button below.   

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